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Are you passionate about beauty therapy ? Do you dream of working in the beauty and wellness industry? Would you like to run your own beauty salon or wellness centre? We want to help you make your dream come true! We provide a training to become a beautician.
What you need to know
Price: 1490 Euros
Duration: 6 months

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The beautician industry is protected in Belgium. This means that you need an official degree to be able to practise this profession. For many people this constitutes a problem. You’ve either done different studies or don’t feel like studying for years until you can finally get to work. The non-profit organisation Beauty school offers the perfect solution. We make sure you obtain the official degrees in a quick and professional manner.

It’s possible to obtain your degree within one school year (6 to 8 months). This means that you’ll get a 6-month intensive course of four one-hour classes a week at our school. You’ll study the theory at home at your own pace. The theory and practice you learnt in class you practise at home so as to be able to learn something new in the next class. There will be frequent tests during the school year. This way, you’ll know which aspects you need to work on. At the end of the training, there’ll be an exam at school which embodies both theory and practice.  If you’d like to get a business license to become a self-employed professional, you can take a theoretic exam afterwards at the Central Exam Committee in Brussels. During classes you’ll be prepared thoroughly for this exam. If you pass, you get the recognised degree of beautician.

We use professional course material in the beautician training. Classes emphasize practice rather than theory.  During classes, you practise on each other so that you can take turns in studying and enjoying the treatment. Classes take place in beautiful, hygienic classrooms.

This fascinating beauty therapy training embodies the following courses: facial care, body care, massage, manicure, pedicure, depilation and waxing and, finally, basic make-up. Courses are taught by experienced self-employed beauticians. If and when you have questions about starting up as a beautician, you’ll get concrete answers from them.

It’s advised to do an internship of a day or an evening. The school provides the necessary internship contracts. In the hallway, you’ll find ads for internships or jobs. An internship helps you to put the techniques you learnt into practice. It’s possible to do an internship in a beauty salon in your neighbourhood.

The intensive beautician course costs only 1490 Euros. This includes the enrolment fee, course books, use of luxurious classrooms and some material for practical exercises. For some parts of the training you’ll need some extra material of your own during classes. You can buy these in the student shop. If you don’t have the material, you can’t participate in classes. It’s possible to pay the enrolment fee in instalments. You can use government subsidies (‘opleidingscheques’ and ‘KMO-portefeuille’), since our school is recognised by the Flemish government. Furthermore, you’ll get free access to the wellness sciences (anatomy and physiology) course.


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De Schoonheidsschool neemt jouw opleiding zéér persoonlijk The Beauty school takes your training very personally!